Skarper: An upgrade to your bike

por | Dic 25, 2022 | Productos Tecnológicos

Because buying an electric bike when you can improve a normal one, that’s exactly what the British team Skar offers. Their product provides up to 60 kilometers of riding without pedaling, adding only 3.3 kilograms of extra weight. There is one condition though, you can only upgrade your bike if it has disc brakes, and that is that unlike other similar products that spin the wheel Skar spins the rear brake disc.

The system also has built-in speed limits of 25 or 32 kilometers per hour depending on the region. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, the complete package includes a special brake disc and a cadence sensor. So the installation will take you quite some time, it is skarper costs about 1200$ and should be on sale in 2023.

Author: Hyperion

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