Sgnl: Fingertip Calling

por | Dic 25, 2022 | Productos Tecnológicos

U.S. engineers at a company that proposes to make calls by touching the ear with the tip of the finger with Sgnl have developed a bracelet that works thanks to bone conduction. In short, the sound is transmitted through vibration. All you have to do is connect the bracelet to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you will be able to answer calls. One of the advantages of the device is its compatibility with a variety of conventional watches and smartwatches as well as the ability to work in standalone mode, it is suitable for android and iOS devices. It also comes with a tracking application that allows you to be more organized. The battery is enough to talk for 4 hours or work for 7 days in standby mode. The bracelet is available in 3 colors and the price starts at $139.

Author: Hyperion

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